Bike Tours 2015: Couriers of Hope

Picture yourself cycling across a stretch of Canada as part of a sustainable mobile community, offering performances and workshops about environmental and social justice issues, making lifelong friends, and picking up some serious skills en route. With three funktastic treks to choose from, make 2015 the year you cycle for sustainability.

West Coast Cycling & Performing Tour
May 2-June 24

WCT image

Join this two-month velo-odyssey along Canada’s stunning West Coast as you wind your way through rural and urban British Columbia. Explore local sustainability initiatives and bring Otesha’s funky brand of eco-education to schools, performing the interactive theatre piece “Cycling Through Change” and facilitating workshops to over 4,000 students. Learn more!

Otesha’s Pedal to Plate Tour
July 18-July 26


This is a tour that leaves tour members feeling full. Literally! Spend nine days cycling through the intricate foodscape of the Greater Toronto Area with new friends, discovering the flavours of the food that grows in your own backyard. Meet farmers at the forefront of the local food movement, and pick up a fresh set of culinary skills with the tour’s Food Coordinator. Contribute to local farms through workshares, cook for each other with local ingredients and explore the politics of feeding ourselves as you meet with food producers, academics, First Nations and activists. Learn more!

East Coast Cycling & Performing Tour
September 5-October 28

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Let the cliffs, culture, and concentration of sea life in Canada’s majestic Maritimes fuel your passion for sustainability and social justice. A week of training in bicycle skills, interactive theatre, community engagement and facilitation techniques prepares your team to spark dialogue with thousands of students using Otesha’s play “Cycling Through Change” and “Action Addict” workshop. Wind your way around the Bay of Fundy and through the Annapolis Valley, learning from the Mi’kmaq, anglophone and Acadian communities that welcome you. Learn more!