2015 West Coast Tour in Numbers

Small but mighty. That about sums up the awesomeness of Otesha’s 2015 West Coast Tour, which wrapped up on June 24. From delivering educational performances to thousands of students to rapping with David Suzuki, the six-person team accomplished A LOT in beautiful British Columbia.


On top of their “official” tour stops, they took it upon themselves to attend a slew of unscheduled community events on their own time. These included spreading Otesha jam at poetry readings, a multicultural festival and Courtenay’s Bike Week to name a few.

To our small but mighty magic-makers Seble, Annette, Daphne, Lara, Anne and Elizabeth: Congratulations and THANK YOU!

The 2015 West Coast Tour in Numbers:

  • Tour members: 6
  • Distance travelled: around 1,400 km
  • Days on the road: 45
  • Number of Otesha plays performed: 27
  • Number of audience members: ~3,700
  • Peanut butter jars finished: too many
  • Ice cream tubs scooped: 8
  • Rain days: 3
  • Bunnies spotted: 29
  • Deer spotted: 14
  • Flat tires: 5
  • Broken spokes: 2
  • Bike breakdowns: 13
  • Longest day on the road: 80 km
  • Bridges crossed: 6
  • Boats taken: 7
  • Islands visited: 3
  • Food donors: 21
  • Flash mobs: 9

Of course, they didn’t do it alone. A huge shout-out to the countless volunteers, donors, hosts, teachers and kind-hearted strangers who provided their love and support to make the West Coast Tour happen!

Want to be part of a life-changing Otesha adventure? We’re doing it again this fall with our East Coast Cycling and Performing Tour! Apply soon to secure your spot!