West Coast Cycling and Performing Tour 2015

The 2015 West Coast Tour has hit the road! Follow all their adventures as they wind their way through beautiful British Columbia.

“Being an Otesha tour meant that we would spend the next 2 months cycling on our bikes to bring a little sparkle of hope and inspiration to communities and student.” — Tricia Enns, 2012 Tour Member

Photos from the 2013 West Coast Tour

Tour Details

  • Dates: May 2-June 24, 2015
  • Location: British Columbia, Canada
  • Ages: 18-30ish
  • Minimum fundraising amount: $2,500
    (covers the cost of your food, accommodations, logistical support and a week-long training program in bike maintenance/safety, group living, facilitation and more; bursaries are available)

Apply today to secure your spot! Spaces are filled on a rolling basis, and we’ll be accepting applications until the tour is full.

How to Apply

Applications are now closed.

  1. Read Bike Tours 101 and Eligibility to get a good idea of what going on tour is like.
  2. Fill out the Bike Tours Application Form. It should take around 20-30 minutes to complete. Note that you cannot save your responses as you go, so set aside some time to do it all in one go. Also be prepared to provide the contact information for one personal and one professional reference.
  3. Check out Otesha’s bursary programs. If you think you’re eligible, fill out the Bursary Application Form.

Once your application is in we will get in touch with you within 7 days to schedule an interview over the phone to learn more about you and share more about what to expect on tour.

Questions? Feel free to call us at (613) 237-6065 or write us at programs@otesha.ca!

Pedaling with Purpose

More than an epic cycling excursion, the 2015 West Coast Tour is an opportunity to be a Courier of Hope. In the face of climate change, the growing gap between rich and poor and other complex sustainability challenges, hope can be a tough sell. But a hopeful future is what Otesha is all about! As a Couriers of Hope tour members, you’ll be delivering messages of optimism and empowerment to thousands of Canadians, equipping them to live more sustainably.

Every two month Performing and Cycling Tour interacts with more than 4,000 audience members, mostly students from elementary to high school. A team performs an average of three to five times a week.

Otesha’s plays offer a humorous take on big issues, provoking the audience to examine their own role in the worlds’ ecological and social systems. Rather than overwhelm with the scope of global problems, our interactive theatre pieces and small group workshops bring it down to earth – volunteer tour members model examples of daily actions that make a difference and invite students to come up with actions that fit their own lives. We demonstrate that large changes are rooted in daily choices made by everyday people like you and me.

The Route & Itinerary

Two months. 1,500 km. 30+ performances and workshops. Check out the itinerary for this year’s West Coast Tour to see what these changemakers will be up to on their cycling adventure!

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Life on the Road

Every tour offers its own unique mix of changemakers, adventures and life-changing experiences. And while your pedal-powered journey will undoubtedly be one-of-a-kind, you can get a taste of what life on the road is like by reading the blogs written by tour members during their 2013 West Coast Tour. You can also check out our Bike Tours 101 page to learn what it’s like to be on tour with Otesha.

“It was an amazing feeling, being 13 cyclists on the road moving forward together. We had dreams in common and a lot of differences, but no matter what, we were always together, cycling forward. We’d all stop for lunch together and lie on the ground, eating, laughing and telling stories. If someone was selling plums by the road we would be there. We all had a huge sense of adventure and curiosity, and that bonded us more than anything.” — Kat Williams, 2008 Tour Member


2015 West Coast Tour Members


Annette Johnson
Papineauville, Quebec

annetteAnnette may have been raised in a small town, but she dreams BIG. After high school, she joined Canada World Youth to get to know herself better and to learn more about the world. After six months of volunteering in New Brunswick and Peru, she returned home with a burning desire to deepen her knowledge of sustainability, social justice and food ethics. Add to that her love for physical activities and Otesha seemed like the perfect fit! In September, she’ll be enrolling in post-secondary studies in arts and sciences where she plans to be known as the hippie/vegetarian/nerd in the hallways.


Seble Samuel
Ottawa, Ontario

sebleSeble Samuel is an Ethiopian-Canadian with a wandering spirit. She received a Bachelors of Arts from McGill University in Geography and Anthropology and has spent the past few years in Ecuador, Nicaragua and Colombia working on climate change projects. Seble loves permaculture, afrodanza, poetry, acroyoga and environmental justice, and is incredibly excited about being part of a change-making biking community.


Daphne Wang
Toronto, Ontario

daphneDaphne Wang was born and grew up in Vancouver, B.C. Although she grew up in an urban centre, she enjoys downhill skiing in the mountains north of Vancouver during winter. In the summer, she enjoys hiking, volunteering at different youth summer camps, and fishing with her dad. Her other hobbies include drawing comics, devouring National Geographic monthly issues, practicing taekwondo, and playing piano. Now, she is finishing her first year of university at the University of Toronto. At school, Daphne is involved with various student-led environmental initiatives and hopes to set up a composting system on campus. She looks forward to visiting numerous communities and living sustainably and nomadically for 2 months on her first bike tour.

Lara Hunter
Kaslo, British Columbia

laraLara Hunter hails from Kaslo, a small town in the southern interior of BC. Coming from a rural and mountainous area, Lara grew up hiking, skiing, bicycling, canoeing, and kayaking. While she wouldn’t identify herself as an outdoor enthusiast per se, she enjoys being out and about, and cycling, of course, is her favorite outdoor sport.  After finishing  two years of college, Lara decided she needed a year away from  classrooms and tests to get an informal education. Now, she is trying to learn from experiences and talking with different people — a big reason she was so interested in joining an Otesha bike tour. Lara has recently finished a three-month Canada World Youth cultural exchange in Northern Ontario and three months in Tanzania learning about environmental issues and cultural differences. She’s very excited to be joining another youth-focused organization to learn about sustainability from a new group of people.


Elizabeth Brown
Toronto, Ontario

elizabethBorn and raised as a city girl of Toronto, Elizabeth Brown wants to explore as much as she can. Growing up being adventurous and always wanting to do more, she hopes to take life by the handlebars (pun intended) and see where it takes her. She’s currently volunteering at a bicycle co-op so she can learn as much as she can about bicycle mechanics before the tour.

Anne Stoesser
Toronto, Ontario

Bio coming soon!


Want to support these amazing young changemakers? Donate to our West Coast Tour campaign and help them reach their goal of empowering 5,000 Canadians to live more sustainably this spring!