East Coast 2015 — Tour by Numbers

tour by numbers 1

The Essentials:

  • Distance travelled: 1,396 km
  • Days on the road: 46
  • Communities visited: 30
  • Total performances: 21
  • Total audience members: 2,784
  • Total workshops delivered: 34
  • Bike Breakdowns
  • Flat tires total: 7
  • Flat tires on Emma’s bike alone: 5 (P.S. She didn’t get 1 flat on the other 2 Otesha tours she’s ridden on!)
  • Broken spokes: 6
  • Wheel replacements: 1
  • Locks sawed off by a gas station hacksaw: 1
  • Falls off bikes: 5
  • Stationary falls off bike by Jessica: 5

Random, but Important:

  • Churches stayed in: 15
  • Masonic Halls stayed in: 1
  • Church services attended: 3
  • Pounds of apples consumed: 60 (before we got a little appled out..)
  • Litres of water consumed: 638
  • Pre-performance poos: 39
  • Times “Someone Like You” by Adele was sung: 50
  • Pianos played: 18
  • Times we “high-fived & missed”: 37
  • Upside-down sleeping bag tournaments: 1 (Champion: Emily Sitter)
  • Things dropped in a toiled by Emma: 2 (1 sock, 1 toothbrush)
  • Faces sat on by cats in the middle of the night on a farm: 7
  • Tour members who spent a night in a police station: 2
  • On-stage collisions: 15
  • Falls during the play: 2 (and we mean full-on crash and fall)
  • Ice-cream consumed: 64 (1 consumed by dairy-free Natasha!)
  • Days it snowed: 1 (in October!!)
  • Full moons witnessed: 2
  • Blood moons witnessed: 1

Cool things found on the road & strapped to our bikes:

  • 1 license plate
  • 1 pogo stick
  • the tiniest butcher’s knife you’ve ever seen

Road-kill tally:

  • raccoon: 12
  • porcupine: 17
  • mice: 1
  • frog: too many to count
  • rats: 1
  • birds: 3
  • skunk: 4
  • cat: 1
  • snakes: too many to count
  • deer: 1

Well, that’s a wrap folks. It’s been a blast and a half.

Until next time, we leave you with one last quote and also one last story. The morning before we embarked on our longest and hilliest day of tour from Truro to Newport, NS, Emma read the team part of an Irish blessing that is a large part of Otesha history. It reads: “May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back.”

As can be expected during a 100km day of riding Otesha-style, Kristen’s back wheel imploded about halfway through the day. With 4 broken spokes on the same side of the same wheel, she wasn’t going to bike the rest of the ride. Kristen’s bike buddy, Elyssia, called up her grandparents who live in Dartmouth (Elyssia is from Vancouver Island – Canada is strangely small sometimes!) to drive them to Kentville, another community in the Annapolis Valley, where the local bike shop was ready and able to replace Kristen’s wheel. That evening, after finding a place to stay overnight at the Kentville police station (!), Kristen and Elyssia went to dinner and in the restaurant, found this:

tour by numbers 3

Kristen’s wheel may not have been able to meet the road, and things don’t always go perfectly on Otesha tour, but things have their way of working out and it’s little signs like this show you that you’re where you’re meant to be. Now, that’s a little bit of Otesha magic right there.

Peace and bike grease,
The 2015 East Coast Tour

tour by numbers 2