Organic farms and West Coast Charms

By Seble Samuel
2015 West Coast Tour member


We are now full fledged bike-pedallin’, thigh-growin’, trailer hitchin’, permaculture pickin’, sunshine coast bedazzlin’, hope stirrin’, sustainability ridin’ ladies.

We had the most incredible pleasure of being hosted by Southlands Farm in Vancouver for our 10 day training week. There we were immersed in the Otesha world of bike maintenance, communal living, non-violent communication, group cooking, anti-oppression, play rehearsals and workshops, decolonisation and route planning. This was all coordinated by the marvelous Otesha O-lumni and a fabulous host of friends to the Otesha community. To boot, the lovely food coordinator Eddie, along with the help of many other lovelies, kept our bellies so very happy and full with the best organic food finds of BC.


As we nostalgically left the womb of training week, we kicked off our cycling journey at the Vancouver Aquarium with our very first public performance of Cycling Through Change. Since our debut, we have cycled hundreds of kilometres through the Fraser Valley and up the Sunshine Coast, performing theatre and workshops at elementary and secondary schools, passing through beautiful organic farms and meeting incredibly inspiring people along the way.

In between our school performances, we were graced with two incredible organic farm stopovers in the Fraser Valley at Glorious Organics and Glen Valley Organics. There we were able to witness the transformative work of courageous farmers who are saving seeds and nurturing soil to preserve biological diversity, reduce environmental impact and build community through farmers markets and community shared agriculture.


With eight theatre performances and seven workshops under our belt, it has been incredible to interact with youth from such distinct places in BC. We have been so impressed by the environmentally focused curriculum underway at many of the institutions. From leadership courses focused on environmental and social justice to outdoor education programs, there have been so many diverse approaches that match education and sustainability to inspire an environmentally conscious generation of youth.

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