Shout Out to the Magic Makers!

By Seble Samuel
2015 West Coast Tour member



We were warmly welcomed into the Glen Valley Organics community with a delicious potluck lunch. We brought freshly picked greens from Glorious Organics (thanks to David and Co.) and we got to taste Glen Valleys own locally grown treats. Chris, a phenomenal steward and farmer gave us an incredible tour of the 50 acre farm where they grow a variety of produce such as squash, raspberries, rapini, kale, bok choi, sorrel, and chives. All the produce is nurtured by city-provided compost which creates just enough nutrients for the plants so it does not pollute the neighbouring water systems. The organic farm also protects the surrounding environment such as the local bee habitat. During the tour, he shared with us so much farming wisdom. We learned how all the worlds food is grown on just a thin layer of precious topsoil. How every handful of soil contains more microorganisms than humans on the planet. How different crops are planted in a rotation to nurture the soil. How climate change is reducing water supply across farms on the western coast. Listening to how passionate and knowledgeable Chris is about sustainable food, made us more aware and conscious about the different complicated processes it takes to put food on our plates. Continue reading